About Mediatori

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Conflict and Dispute Resolution: Accredited. Doing. Results.

MEDIATORI is KwaZulu-Natal’s leading partnership of trained and accredited mediators. Our mediators and associates are nationally and internationally accredited, often rounded off by dispute settlement postgraduate degrees. We come from all walks of life, we are arbitrators, economists, IT and telecommunication specialists, lawyers, debt counsellors, managers, psychologists, pilots, to name but a few. Our team can help prepare you for a negotiation, assist with facilitating a conciliation and, of course, mediate your disputes. We are problem-solvers with a hands-on approach. We maintain a national footprint with our network of affiliates and collaboration partners. Whether family or civil and commercial matters, we are here to help you.

Situations particularly suited for facilitation, conciliation and mediation are any situation where the parties need to have a relationship in the future.

Our languages spoken include isiZulu, Hindi, German, English, Arabic and Afrikaans

Our vision is to create a dispute settlement culture grounded on neutrality, impartiality, responsible communication, individual self-responsibility, delight in diversity, respect for each other, respect for humanity and compassion.

Our mission is to provide an enabling environment where disputes are settled without aggravation leaving relationships intact.
  • We strive to improve access to justice by providing neutral, impartial conflict resolution and dispute settlement, recognising the need for balanced solutions and respect for interests of individuals and parties.
  • We recognise the need for streamlined processes and the efficient use of time.
  • We serve the people, businesses and communities of South Africa with responsible alternative conflict resolution and dispute settlement.
  • We promote cultural diversity in unity and economic transformation.
  • We provide a confidential environment where parties can resolve matters effectively.