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Conciliation is the first pillar of alternative conflict resolution. In conciliation a professional, ideally a mediator, helps parties in a dispute getting back to a constructive and democratic dialogue. Conciliations take a few hours to complete successfully. A conciliator may speak her or his mind in an effort to break deadlocks. Conciliation is much like facilitation. Facilitation means keeping a process on track, which could be as simple as a meeting, where constructive dialogue is managed within time constraints to yield effective results.


Mediation is the second pillar of alternative conflict resolution and dispute settlement. Where conciliation is simply not enough, where parties are entrenched in positions, and where the emotions fly, mediation is the answer. A neutral and impartial mediator helps the parties to a dispute to find solutions. Mediators are trained and skilled professionals who strive to keep relationships in a dispute intact. The process of mediation is fully regulated and governed by a code of ethics, which established industry bodies monitor. Mediators are part of continued professional development systems to ensure the quality of mediation in South Africa.


We negotiate continually. Whether it is a discount for that dream car, or a discussion with the bank about terms, we negotiate. We negotiate with our children what time they are supposed to be home at age 18. At a four-way-stop we negotiate with three fellow vehicle drivers who gets to start first to avoid a situation that may provoke an accident. And then we have situations in the workplace, or with that client we have been after for so long, where we are suddenly not sure our negotiation skills are sufficient to close the deal or settle the workplace dispute. This is where trained and skilled negotiators can help, with sound advice or active involvement in the negotiation.